Artena – Photo Gallery – Then & Now

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A001 – Scene 21: Street near Capulets’ house – Exterior Night. Romeo is followed by his Montague revellers after the Ball
A001N – View today (June 2019) of the same cobbled street (Via Del Municipio, Artena)
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A002 – Scene 21 cont. Romeo scales a rock in order to climb into the Capulet garden
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A002N – The rock today (June 2019) in the corner of the Via Del Municipio, Artena.
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A003 – Scene 22. End of balcony scene. Direction: “Romeo … jumping over the hedges like a deer…”
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A003N(a) – Artena. The woodland entrance behind the rear garden of the Palazzo Borghese (where the balcony scene was filmed). The Palazzo is in the background.
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A003N(b) – The wood today (June 2019) behind the Palazzo Borghese with its steep descent
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A004 – Scene 26: Garden of Capulet House. Exterior Day. Juliet anxiously awaits the return of the Nurse (her messenger to Romeo).
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A004N – View today (June 2019). Palazzo Borghese, Artena. The vegetation has taken over the steps and the garden again, as it had done in September 1967 when this was filmed.