Artena is a small town, being part of the Metropolitan Area of Rome and situated about 25 miles east of the city.  It was here that the famous balcony scene was filmed in September 1967.

More particularly the following scenes were shot there:

Scene 21:  The young Montague men are wandering down a street (Via del Municipio) trying to find Romeo

Scene 22:  The balcony scene, filmed in the rear garden of the Palazzo Borghese. Note that the balcony was specially constructed up the side of a wall of the Palazzo by the production crew and does not actually exist.  (Source: Olga Nikolaeva in conversation with Valerio Borghese, present owner of the Palazzo, at

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The filming of Scene 22 (Balcony Scene) in the garden of the Palazzo Borghese – September 1967. Pasqualino de Santis (Director of Photography) is on the left of the picture.

The end of Scene 22 is also filmed in a wood at the rear of the Palazzo, where Romeo runs and jumps for joy down a gradient in the wood.

Scene 26:  Juliet comes down the steps to the rear garden of the Palazzo Borghese, which can seen from the Via Giuseppe Garibaldi.  She is waiting to hear news from the Nurse as to the wedding plans.