Cinecittà – Film Sets

Main Backlot 1:  Main Square, Verona

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Side Backlot 2: The courtyard of the Prince’s palace, Verona

Backlot 2a
Backlot 2: Piazza based on the well in the Piazza Pio II in Pienza, but reconstructed at Cinecitta as “the courtyard to the Prince’s Palace”, to allow separate entrances for the Capulet and Montague entourages, as required in Scene 36’s script directions
Backlot 2b
Backlot 2: Scene 36 (continued). Steps leading down from the Prince’s palace to the courtyard
Real Pienza Piazza Pio II
Aerial photo of the real Piazza Pio II in Penza, showing the well. Note the different background to the well compared with the reconstructed set at Cinecitta