Deleted Scene 14: Peter’s scene

This is an important scene which is omitted from the final cut.  Peter, who cannot read, asks two passers-by (Romeo and Benvolio) if they could read to him the names on the invitation to the Capulet’s evening event, so that he can deliver it. The scene explains how the Montague boys get to discover that the Capulets are having a large social gathering with many dignitaries.  It also explains why Romeo would wish to attend – in search of the fair Rosaline, whom he discovers from Peter will also be attending.  Without this knowledge, Romeo would not have attended, and would not have met Juliet.

The photographic evidence, below, shows that the scene was filmed but was eventually cut in its entirety, presumably to reduce the length of the movie.

The full original scripted scene is also set out below.

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Zeffirelli directing rehearsal of deleted Scene 14
Deleted Scene 14 in rehearsal
Deleted Scene 14: the rehearsed scene in its filmed format
Deleted Scene 14: Romeo discovers that Rosaline will be at the Capulets’ social gathering.

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