Gubbio – Photo Gallery – Then & Now

G001 - Romeo walks up Via Ducale
G001 – Romeo walks up the Via Ducale
G001N – Via Ducale today (September 2018)
G002 – Benvolio talks to Romeo
G002N – Via S. Ubaldo today (September 2018)
G003 - Romeo walking away from Benvolio
G003 – Romeo walks away from Benvolio
G003N – Via Ducale showing third floor door of the Hotel Relais Ducale (Sept 2018)
G004 - Street fighting
G004 – Street fighting
G004N – Piazza Bargello and Palazzo Bargello today (September 2018)
G005a - Bell ringing
G005 – Bell ringing summons the Prince
G005N – Bell tower of Palazzo dei Consoli today (September 2018)
G006 - Injured taken to Montague House - Palazzo Ducale
G006 – Injured are brought to the Montague house
G006N – Palazzo Ducale today (September 2018)
G007 - Benvolio at Palazzo Del Consoli
G007 – Benvolio talks with Mercutio
G007N – Terrace at Palazzo dei Consoli today (September 2018)
G008 - Benvolio talks to Mercutio
G008 – Benvolio in discussion with Mercutio
G008N – Present day view – Palazzo dei Consoli
G008N – Present day view – Palazzo dei Consoli (September 2018)
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 12.23.23
G09A: Romeo searches for Tybalt after the death of Mercutio
G009AN: Present day view – Via Piccardi, Gubbio (September 2019).
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 12.22.07
G009B: Romeo continues his search for Tybalt.
G009BN: Present day view – Junction between Via Piccardi and Via Beni, Gubbio. (September 2019).
G011 - Romeo goes after Tybalt - Via Appennino
G010 – Romeo goes after Tybalt – Via Appennino
G012a - Romeo looks up the Via Appennino
G010a – Romeo looks up the Via Appennino
G010b – Camera action
G010N – Via Appennino today (September 2018)
G013 - Romeo & Tybalt duel near fig tree and barred window
G011 – Fight under fig tree – barred window
G011N – Tree and window today (September 2018)
G014 - Romeo walks up the Via Appennino
G012 – Romeo walks up the Via Appennino
G012N – View Via Appennino today (September 2018)
G015 - Romeo duels with Tybalt - Town Wall - Via Appennino
G013 – Romeo duels with Tybalt – Town wall – Via Appennino
G013N – Town wall location today – Via Appennino (September 2018)
G016 - Sword thrown in the air - Via Appennino
G014 – Sword thrown into the air – Via Appennino
G016N View Today
G014N View today (September 2018)
G009 Scene 42 - Romeo leaves for Mantua - the Montague House
G015 – Scene 42: Romeo leaves for Mantua
G015N – Palazzo Ducale today (September 2018)
G016: Scene 56 – “Staircase of Romeo’s house. Exterior sunset. Mantua”
G016N – Present day view.  Diocesan Museum, Gubbio – Cloisters – External staircase. (September 2019).
G017 – Romeo hears the news from Balthazar of Juliet’s death
G017N: Present day view – Diocesan Museum, Gubbio. Cloisters – Interior. (Romeo entered from the steps on the left).  September 2019.
G018: Scene 57 (cont.). Romeo races out of the building to return to Verona
G018N – Present day view. Diocesan Museum, Gubbio. Cloisters. Interior. September 2019.

Screenshots from the movie: © Paramount Pictures Corporation, 1968

Present day location photographs: © Peter Hibbert and the Romeo & Juliet 1968 Movie Database, 2018 & 2019:  All Rights Reserved.