Having completed the filming of the scenes in Tuscania at the end of June 1967, Zeffirelli moved the cast and crew to the town of Pienza in the Province of Sienna, which has since become a world heritage site.  The location was principally used for the filming of the interior and exterior scenes relating to the Capulets’ house.

In particular, it was used for the following scenes:

Scene 5:  Members of the family and servants are seen rushing to fetch swords and clubs from the Capulet armoury:  The courtyard of the Palazzo Piccolomini, Pienza Tuscany. Cuts to the Piazza Pio II.

Scene 13:  Capulet and Paris are walking through the interior of the Capulets’ house, with our brief first shots of Juliet:  Interior leading to the first floor of the Palazzo Piccolomini, around its courtyard.

Scene 16:  The young Montague men with torches and a drum are on their way to the Capulets’ house for the Mask Ball: The group enter the Piazza Pio II from the Corso Rossellino. Across the Piazza is the entrance door to the Palazzo Piccolomini.

Scene 19:  The well at the Capulets’ house around which Romeo and Juliet meet during the Mask Ball:  The courtyard of the Palazzo Piccolomini.

Pienza photo 2
Filming of Scene 19 in the courtyard of the Palazzo Piccolomini, Pienza.  Pasqualino de Santis (Director of Photography) is seated to the left of the camera and Franco Zeffirelli to the right.  Dudley Lovell (camera operator) is standing behind him with the still camera.

Scene 51:  We hear screams from the Nurse, having discovered Juliet “dead” in her bedroom: Exterior shots of the first floor windows filmed from the courtyard of the Palazzo Piccolomini.