Release Dialogue Script

Following the completion of the final editing, the movie was submitted to the British Board of Film Censors towards the end of 1967.  See the BBFC’s letter of concerns, dated December 1967, under the tab “BBFC” under the “Directors cuts” menu on this site.  The movie was first released in the UK in March 1968.

Paramount Pictures then prepared a Release Dialogue Script  in July 1968 for the Boards of  Film Censors of other countries in which the movie was to be distributed. By this time,  the movie had been shortened from 149 minutes in length to 139 minutes. This script would have been given to each of the panel members so that they could follow each scene of the movie, and decide what overall film classification should be given to the movie in their country.

This special version of the script is not a screenplay, but a post production script, which provides a log of every visual action and every audible sound for each of the frames and footage on the sixteen reels of film.   The movie was released internationally from August 1968 onwards.

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